Expression is the freedom of the 21st century

Colour My Wall, is a unique colouring in wall covering.

Our colouring-in wallpapers are not just pretty graphics that can be coloured in, they are a tool to help bring out the creative talent that you or your child possesses or have locked away.

It is fun, therapeutic, inclusive and ensures hours of fun. Bringing people and families alike together and connecting them through happiness.

Over the weekend we’ve added a new, out of this world decoration; we put up a wipe clean, vinyl colour in poster from Colour My Wall.

Colour My Wall are an independent family owned business based in Ottershaw Surrey. They have created a range of vinyl prints which you can colour in and wipe clean.

It took us minutes to put the poster up. When my son saw it, it was instant love. He busily got to work colouring it in and then rubbing it out again, refining his work. It’s such a brilliant idea and as long as you use the dry wipe markers, you can colour it in forever.

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After recently receiving our colour my wall print, I wanted to share our thoughts. We have been very impressed with Colour My Wall from start to finish, ordering via has been a really easy process. Ordering online was simple and straight forward and our print arrived sooner than we had expected.
We are absolutely delighted with the quality of our print, it was so easy it was to install and my daughter’s aged both 3 and 8 are absolutely loving it.
My 3 year old happily takes herself off to her bedroom to colour it in on a regular basis and I have noticed her fine motor skills and attention to detail develop over the last few weeks whilst using it.
Both my girls would sit there for ages just colouring in, the best part is, if they don’t like what they have just done they can wipe it away and start again!
The girls love wiping it clean and starting again in different colours. Would highly recommend this to anyone who’s kids love colouring in and being creative.


When we opened our ‘colour my wall’ we were so excited. We chose the ‘jungle theme. The service was fantastic & the delivery was very quick. My daughter aged six is very creative & cannot wait to express herself! Thank you.

Jessica Kanji
Mum of an expressive six year old & eleven year old

“We Love our ‘Colour My Wall ! From quick and efficient installation to seeing hours of fun from our nursery children, we couldn’t have wished for a better service.”

Ann Hanshaw
from Foxhills Country Club Ottershaw

“My children were so excited when they arrived home from school to see a wall that they could colour. I chose Under the sea, they were happy to colour away. It kept them occupied for hours.

Once they finished we cleaned the wall together. I would suggest this is a must buy for those who have children and for those adults like myself, who love to colour too. The ordering process was very easy to follow and my husband and I were able to install in no time at all.”
Clara Murray
Mum of 3, age 4 to 9

“We absolutely love our Colour My Wall! There’s a great selection of themes, we chose fairytale which features toadstools, fairies and flowers which our children both love. The website is super easy to navigate and ordering is simple. Installation is easy. The colours wipe away easily and our daughter even enjoys the cleaning up! We’ve had a few playdates recently and it was a hit with both the parents and their children. It has made a real feature of the room and it looks great. I would wholeheartedly recommend Colour My Wall, a clever new concept that can be enjoyed by children (and adults!) of all ages.”

Chelsea Horne
Mum to a 3 year old and 2 year old